Secrets itineraries in the Doge’s Palace
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Secrets itineraries in the Doge’s Palace

1 Gennaio 2016 - 31 Dicembre 2019

The Doge’s Palace is the place-symbol of Venice, home of the Doge and the government and a maximum representation of Venetian civilization. And ‘it considered a masterpiece of Gothic art and is a magnificent layering of constructive and ornamental elements. The interiors are superbly decorated by famous artists such as Titian, Veronese, Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Vittoria. For this you can take inside large extraordinary tours: from the enormous halls of the valuable political life of the apartment rooms of the Doge, disturbing prisons and the luminous loggias overlooking the Piazza and the lagoon.


1 Gennaio 2016
dicembre 31
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